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May 272016

Luise Funkhaus 1 and 2

May 262016

3x Luise sq br paper.

I was hired to install the Royal Irish Academy’s touring exhibition “1916 Portraits and Lives” at the Irish Embassy in Berlin.


This exhibition is a selection of print portraits created by the artist David Rooney who, with the authors James Quinn and Lawrence William White from the Royal Irish Academy’s Dictionary of Irish Biography, deals with 42 men and women whose careers, in one way or another, were deeply involved with the Irish Easter Rising of 1916.

Job description:

This was a one-day job of 7 hours. 42 prints were arranged in a specific order. 42 frames were unwrapped and each print inserted. Between the two rooms of exhibition space, a chronological arrangement was met, and mounted to precise display dimensions using the rail and cable hanging method. Description cards were centred under each frame.

Embassy of Ireland, Berlin:

May 18th, 2016 – Against the backdrop of the Royal Irish Academy’s exhibition “Portraits and Lives,” the Embassy of Ireland will host an evening of poetry, film and song to mark the centenary of the 1916 Rising. Hans-Christian Oeser will present his book “Patrick Pearse: Der Rebell. Gedichte” (Edition Rugerup, 2016). A selection of Pearse’s poems will be read in German, English and Irish. We will hear recordings of Irish prisoners of war made in Germany during World War 1 and a short presentation by journalist Derek Scally on the history of these recordings. The evening will also provide an opportunity to view the short film “Last Words,” directed by Eoin Heaney, inspired by the 1916 Proclamation’s assertions of “religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens.”

Portraits and Lives – Images and Voices of 1916

I had an artist residency in Vienna for the month of August 2014 – the quietest month of the year there.

Packed with a suitcase full of art materials and a backpack with a few personal belongings I arrive in Wien for a month long residency where I got to paint everyday and night. Here’s a few photos of the studio and work-in-progress….

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I’ve joined forces with Alesh 1 as his assistant for Urban Art Clash gallery and Street Art Meeting here in Berlin. Alesh 1 is a bit of a legend here and after doing his wild thing all his life, he is now for the past 8 years, the creator, director and curator for these 2 happenings and our first project together was the Street Art Meeting – Winter Edition warm up event in Urban Spree.

It went something like this:

>> STREET ART MEETING // Winter Edition 2014 <<
Street Art Festival & Exhibition with Street Artists and like-minded Individuals from All Over the Globe, including some Berlin Street Art Legends, Graffiti Kings and City Heroes… Curated by Alesh One / DZT!

DAY 1 >> Fr 21. Februar 2014 / 13:00h till late
STREET ART MEETING 2014 / Winter-Edition
Urban Spree Gallery, Revaler Str. 99, Berlin-Fhain
Open from 1pm till late
>> During the night: Party in the Club till you can’t dance!
On the wheels of steel: MITCH ALIVE (Funkstation) & some special guests!

>> OPEN STUDIOS / GALLERY 21.-23.02.2014
(open daily from 1pm till late)
We are transforming the whole location into one huge open studio and gallery, where artists will be working and exhibiting during the event from friday till sunday.
Come by and visit us to catch some original art works or just to have a look over the artist shoulder…
Support your local vandals! There will be a small corner shop where you can get some stickers, tshirts and other merch from your favorite artists.

>> SCREENPRINT CLASH / 14:00h / 17:00h / 21:00h
We are holding screen print sessions and workshops with selected artists from friday till sunday (3 times a day / registration necessary).
Some of the artists are screenprinting on your favorite tshirts and stuff you bring…
There is a limited capacity for the daily screenprint sessions in the studio – early registrations welcome! But dont worry – there are plans for some “wild-sessions” in the gallery.

Bring your BlackBooks and get em signed or just sketch with us. There will be a corner where kids and addicts can sketch their latest ideas. > OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS! < Show us your stuff (Sketchbook, Portfolio, Photos) and become a part of the Street Art Meeting / Main Event in the Summer of 2014.

Some of us are Sticker-Maniacs and we won´t stop… Share or trade your stickers with others. There will be a peep-show of selected stickers during the SAM event powered by attending artists. Please dont cry if you miss it!

>> STREET ART TOURS // Day´n Night
We are holding guided Street Art Tours > twice a day 15:00 / 21:00 (registration at the SAM Info-Point necessary). Walk the streets of Berlin to check out the latest Pieces / Guided by Artists.

(Screenings will be announced during the event in our “DarkRoom Cinema”)
Step into the world of street art and graffiti and slide into the night. Peep behind the scenes and have a look through the artists eyes. We are screening some dope flix and exclusive movies.

DAY 2 >> Saturday 22. Februar 2014 / 13:00h till late
STREET ART MEETING 2014 / Winter-Edition
Urban Spree Gallery, Revaler Str. 99, Berlin-Fhain
Open from 1pm till late / Admission 3.00

Exhibition / Open Studios / Screenprint Clash / Sketch Club / Stickeria / DarkRoom Cinema / Party with Live-DJs

DAY 3.0 >> Sunday 23. Februar 2014 / 13:00h – 18:00h
STREET ART MEETING 2014 / Winter-Edition
Urban Spree Gallery, Revaler Str. 99, Berlin-Fhain
Open from 1pm till 6pm / Admission 3.00
Exhibition / Open Studios / Screenprint Clash / Sketch Club / Stickeria / DarkRoom Cinema

From 8pm PIANO CONCERT @ Urban Spree Gallery
Check for info and admission!

MOVIE NIGHT from 18:00 till open end
>> we hope you join the long movie night and afterparty in the club with Sketch Battles and fun!
Open from 6pm till the morning!

Our team at Urban Spree:

DAY 3.1 >> Sunday 23. Februar 2014 / 7pm till late
STREET ART MEETING 2014 / The Exhibition
Art Show on 2 Floors / UAC Art Space
Generator, Oranienburger Str. 65, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

After 3 days of action, crea(c)tivity and collaborations, there will be a final exhibition of the STREET ART MEETING
23. Februar – 25. May 2014 at the UAC art space in Berlin Mitte.

Another action packed day working with the team on the 2nd ‘PROJECT M’ here in Berlin, where top street artists from around the world meet at the space and fill the large windows with their work. See post: PROJECT M 1 – Berlin. This time features R.O.N.E (exterior wall), Ron English, Know Hope, Crajes, Klone Yourself, Sandra Chevrier, Strok, Lucy Mclauchlan, David Shillinglaw, Eric Jones. Yeow!!


Feeling the love from: Hi-FructoseStreet Art NewsThisIsColossal.


Inside the project:

Eric Jones

Know Hope

..and back outside:

Ron English

Ron English

Sandra Chevrier

Lucy McLauchlan

David Shillinglaw

I was invited to my first Sketch Circle night in Berlin where you meet in a small Berlin bar every wednesday with other artists (mainly graf heads) and just sketch, listen to tunes and drink beer.

Here’s my first Sketch Circle sketch:

Boards without Borders is a great initiative that I came across when painting at the S.A.M graffiti jam at YAAM (see previous post here) where this non-profit group will sell the skate decks adorned with artworks to raise funds to build a skate park in India. (Mission statement below)

I joined forces with old skool legend graffiti artist Dejoe to make this black and white minimal line-work skateboard deck for the cause. To see both designs upright – my design is on the top right and Dejoe’s is bottom right.

Here is their mission statement:

“Boards without Borders” is a creative and social skateboarding and boardsports non-profit association. The association engages young people through sports, and offers cross-cultural interaction, education, and personal empowerment opportunities.

The students come from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. They develop skills in different styles of boardsports civic responsibility, multimedia, and creative arts. The students themselves decide what they want to learn; we connect them with a safe space and opportunities for them to develop the skills that they consider important.

In the end of 2013 our first skatepark will be built in Khajuraho which is located 650 km Southeast of New Delhi in India. We also working on a surf park in Berlin.